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Career progression from Physical Therapist, Athletic Performance Trainer (CSCS) and a MAT® Practitioner

Hear Shannon's testimonial of how she found MAT®, her typical client, and her adding multiple MAT® Practitioners to her already successful business. 

Making a difference in Corporate Wellness

While Muscle Activation Techniques® origins came from the professional athletic industry, in recent years our Practitioners have been entering the Corporate Wellness space with dramatic results for employee and employer. Watch this video to learn more.
The result from stress, trauma and overuse and the resultant inflammation between the nervous system and the muscular system. When the communication pathway is altered, the muscles can't contract efficiently which means they can't shorten effectively. When muscle can't shorten effectively the opposite muscles will not lengthen effectively thus the opposite muscles show up as being tight.

Greg Roskopf Founder of Muscle Activation Techniques®

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Certified Athletic Trainer learns MAT® to expand service offerings

Hear Jackie's story on how she helped make an impact on her clients health, how she found MAT®, and how her path to becoming an MAT® Certified Specialist generated new beginnings.

Prostate Cancer Survivor's experience with MAT®

Watch Tom's amazing journey as a Stage 3 Prostate Cancer Survivor. Tom underwent 44 radiation treatment which left him with a frozen shoulder, knee pain, limited motion in his wrist, and very little trunk rotation.
"The integrated system is only as good as the function of its isolated parts."

Greg Roskopf Founder of Muscle Activation Techniques®

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